A heartrending album that is Katie Haverly's eighth release - Matter adroitly navigates rock, pop, and folk genres, combining jazz sensibilities with poetically introspective lyrics. The gorgeous vocals and tight musicianship pull you in to listen closely, to mull the words, and deeply appreciate the profoundly personal stories she's scribed."

"[Katie] sang songs for people who love real songs, still, too. Channeling Joni Mitchell but updated and rocked up some. My jaw dropped when she started dancing as the street cars and street kids walked by, some of them also stunned by what they weren’t sure they were actually hearing." 

Katie Haverly’s new album ‘Pluto’ is a bold tapestry in the Arizona music scene that stands alone in it’s creativity and originality. This is an album will inspire musicians and artists of all walks of life, and will surprise you again and again like a great novel. Bravo Katie Haverly, ‘Pluto’ is a jewel.

"Plotting a new course, Pluto finds über-talented songstress Katie Haverly on a journey outward. Emboldened, politically charged and environmentally conscious, she is questioning what it means to be human and exploring the meaning of purpose through song. Haverly's potency as an artist stems from her impassioned quest to find understanding."

For all you listmakers out there who slept on this record, you better get ready to pencil Pluto into your year’s best roundups because it’s a powerful piece of work. Pluto is a record that runs as deep as a mine shaft and is as sincere as a miner whistling on their way home from work with a pocket full of gold nuggets.

“Katie Haverly has one of those voices that can lift and soothe, create tension and then release it. It suggests adoration of golden-age (jazzy) folk-pop like Rickie Lee Jones, Judee Sill, David Crosby, and Joni Mitchell—all lovely DNA, certainly—as well as Erykah Badu and Fiona Apple. Yet her songwriting alone could take centerstage.”

"Tucson-based singer/songwriter/musician/performing artist Katie Haverly possesses an agile voice of resounding beauty. “Gold Rush”, the opening track from her LP, The Aviary, demonstrates Haverly’s easy grace as her voice dances over the intricate, but not overdone, instrumentation."

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