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Mood music. Magic time. - Huff Post

Masterful. - Medium

Impressionistic. - Tucson Weekly

Katie Haverly

There is an ache in this world that Katie Haverly seeks to salve on her new album, Triangulating Line. Throughout a 10-song collection that spans a joyous mesh of soulful pop, jazz, folk, and rock, the alt-rock polymath wants to break a cycle of self-hate embedded into the heart of society itself. An all-star musical team helps the Tucson, AZ icon express the gospel of self-acceptance required to evolve human consciousness. Triangulating Line pierces the veil between 1960s and 70s Laurel Canyon ingenuity and modern-day indie magic, twisting and turning between Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and The War on Drugs in equal measure.

Soul meets indie pop...catchy melodies, carried by cosmopolitan & world-breaking lyrics, ensnared by soulful and just-right instrumentation and production. — Yagaloo

Triangulating Line releases on March 1st, 2023. Haverly produced and recorded the album at Saint Cecilia Studios with Steven Lee Tracy (The Myriad)—their third co-production. An all-star team of musicians and vocalists help bring Triangulating Line’s powerful message to life, including, Steven TracyBen Nisbet, Elizabeth Goodfellow,  Chris Pierce, Tom Beech, ThØger Lund, Brian Lopez, Pete Connolly, Gabriel Sullivan, and Alassane Diarra. Haverly herself brings her artistic savvy to the forefront, featured throughout on piano, keyboards, and acoustic and electric guitars alongside her passionate vocal delivery. 

Haverly regularly composes music for television, film and dance and also works as a producer with other artists, most recently on Jilllian Bessett's forthcoming album JOY.

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