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Mood music. Magic time. - Huff Post

Masterful. - Medium

Impressionistic. - Tucson Weekly

Katie Haverly

There is an ache in this world that Katie Haverly seeks to salve on her new album, Triangulating Line. Throughout a 10-song collection that spans a joyous mesh of soulful pop, jazz, folk, and rock, the alt-rock polymath wants to break a cycle of self-hate embedded into the heart of society itself. An all-star musical team helps the Tucson, AZ icon express the gospel of self-acceptance required to evolve human consciousness.

Triangulating Line pierces the veil between 1960s and 70s Laurel Canyon ingenuity and modern-day indie magic, twisting and turning between Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, and The War on Drugs in equal measure.

Soul meets indie pop...catchy melodies, carried by cosmopolitan & world-breaking lyrics, ensnared by soulful and just-right instrumentation and production. — Yagaloo 

For this album cycle Haverly has expanded her creative interests into filming, directing and editing her own music videos. These include Home, which captures a 12 day solo journey to Kyoto, Japan to process some challenging heartbreak, and Nothing But You, a documentary of her father's family from 1942-1977.

Haverly also regularly composes music for television, film and dance and also works as a producer with other artists.

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