Mood music. Magic time. - Huff Post

Masterful. - Medium

Impressionistic. - Tucson Weekly


Tucson, Arizona-based musician, artist, composer and producer Katie Haverly has spent her adult life honing her unique cocktail of jazz-tinged pop, folk and orchestral rock. In the process she has risen to become one of the city’s most deeply disciplined and widely beloved singer-songwriters, says local community radio station KXCI (91.3 FM). While adroitly navigating rock, pop and folk genres, per Zocalo Magazine, the multi-instrumentalist has earned comparisons to confessional singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Laura Marling with musical sensibilities that echo Tori Amos, The Police, War on Drugs and Queen.

[Katie] sang songs for people who love real songs, still, too. Channeling Joni Mitchell but updated and rocked up some. My jaw dropped when she started dancing as the street cars and street kids walked by, some of them also stunned by what they weren’t sure they were actually hearing. - Huffington Post


Her discography spans nine full-length albums most recently, Matter (2020):

A heartrending album that is Katie Haverly's eighth release - Matter adroitly navigates rock, pop, and folk genres, combining jazz      sensibilities with poetically introspective lyrics. The gorgeous vocals and tight musicianship pull you in to listen closely, to mull the words, and deeply appreciate the profoundly personal stories she's scribed Jamie Manser - Zocalo 

Haverly has discovered an aptitude for building time machines. Time machines that travel back and forth between late 60's Laurel Canyon and our chaotic and modern musical world.

Katie Haverly has one of those voices that can lift and soothe, create tension and then release it. It suggests adoration of golden-age (jazzy) folk-pop like Rickie Lee Jones, Judee Sill, David Crosby, and Joni Mitchell—all lovely DNA, certainly—as well as Erykah Badu and Fiona Apple. Yet her songwriting alone could take centerstage.- Tucson Weekly


Her most recent effort "Triangulating Line" (to be released Spring of 2023), which she produced and recorded with Steven Lee Tracy (The Myriad) at Saint Cecilia Studios, is a 10 song journey exploring the cycle of self hating taught to us by the intentional frameworks we are enmeshed in that keep our mind/body/soul from expressing their 100% truth and beauty, and explores how the world cannot survive with all of us operating at percentages of ourselves. That we need to be whole to heal and save our planet, and each other.


Haverly regularly composes music for television, film and dance and also works as a producer with other artists, most recently on Jilllian Bessett's forthcoming album JOY.